Organisers of the 100 Year Celebration are planning events for 2 & 3 March 2018 (long weekend).

The following events are open to all former students and staff of Bunbury High.

Bunbury High in Decades – Friday, 2 March 2018. The planning for our celebrations in March 2018 is slowly progressing. Teachers in learning areas are planning displays that will each focus on a decade of the school’s history. The displays will feature photos and artefacts from each of the decades and in some cases (the eighties) there will be features of what life outside of school looked like…….disco music, mullets, men in pink and girls with perms! Anyone who can help with loans or donations of memorabilia should contact the school. Photos such as the one below from the seventies can be copied at the school or you can email them to

The open day on Saturday, March 3 is also taking shape. This will feature the displays described above, music from our own students and stalls selling memorabilia. This is still in the very early planning phase and again any ideas or assistance is welcome from former teachers and students.

Are you a musician and prepared to perform in our amphitheatre? (pictured below). Get in touch with us at

Organising Group: This group is made up of current teaching staff and support staff who have volunteered their time to coordinate these events. We will be co-opting other volunteers as the opportunities arise.

Funding: The group is submitting grant applications and approaching local business because, apart from donations, the school is not able to allocate funding for this purpose.

What Now? If you will be or are considering attending any of the above events or if you can assist with funding, you are invited to complete a brief survey that will assist the organisers to put on an event that reflects the significance of 100 years at Bunbury High.

Please click on link to complete the survey