Enrolment Policy


To see if you are within our local intake or optional intake boundaries, please click on the link at bottom of page. For your convenience we have outlined below, the step by step procedure to enrol your child at Bunbury Senior High School and all the necessary paperwork associated with the application.

Step 1 - Complete the application form (link below): Step 2 - Provide supporting documentation:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Current Immunisation records
  • Proof of residency x 1 (copy of utility bill or rental agreement stating your CURRENT address) if applicable
  • Passport
  • Visa / citizenship papers
  • Latest Report/NAPLAN (for entering years 8-12)
All appropriate documents must be provided before acceptance into Bunbury Senior High School.

Step 3 - Submit your completed forms and supporting documentation to the Bunbury Senior High School Administration for processing at:
    Bunbury Senior High School
    Haig Crescent,
    BUNBURY WA 6230
    T: 9797 8900
Out of Local Intake Area Applications
Bunbury Senior High School is a gazetted Local Intake Area School; and can only guarantee places to students who reside within its Local Intake Area, or are accepted into one of our specialist programs:
  • Gifted and Talented Education Secondary Selective Program
  • BEST - Bunbury Elite Sports Training
  • VASP - Visual Arts Specialist Program
Parents are welcome to submit an enrolment application to be considered. We recommend all students who do this also put in an application at their local high school.

Bunbury Senior High School is required to accept students in the following priority:
  • 1. A child who is accepted into a specialist program or Gifted and Talented Education
  • 2. A child who has a sibling enrolled at the school in the current year; (other than siblings enrolled in specialist programs) and who lives nearest to the school.
  • 3. A child who does not have a sibling enrolled at the school in the current year, or who has a sibling enrolled in a specialist program, and who lives nearest the school.
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