Gifted & Talented Program

Our unique academic face-to-face program provides a challenging curriculum designed to support the growth of individual students to reach their full potential. Students will have the opportunity to develop as self-motivated, independent learners and community leaders. Only available regionally at Bunbury Senior High School, your child will learn alongside like-minded peers and will be taught by teachers with expert skills and knowledge. Applications close 12 months in advance of the school entry year (for example, January of Year 6 for Year 7 entry). You can apply for the program regardless of where you live in Western Australia and, if successful, your child is guaranteed a place at our school.

Students within each cohort are grouped together for the learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. This allows lesson material to be targeted towards the needs of gifted students and allows students to be accelerated and/or to explore learning in more detail. Grouping gifted students together also allows them to work with like-minded others in a learning environment which is rigorous and intellectually stimulating. Collectively, students are challenged by an accelerated and differentiated curriculum that values higher order thinking and critical literacy in a student-centred environment.

Aspects of study and the complementary activities within our program are organised with a specific theme in each year. This thematic approach describes a learning journey for each student:
  • Year 7 - Discovery
  • Year 8 - Community
  • Year 9 - Diversity
  • Year 10 - Opportunity
The academically focused learning environment is intellectually challenging. It is designed to motivate students and to enhance learning skills for a lifetime of personal progress.

In addition to enrichment in the classroom, students within the program participate in a range of incursions, excursions and competitions. The activities are chosen to challenge students' thinking, expose them to new ideas and to showcase possible career options.

A range of committed staff take responsibility for ensuring each student's learning needs are met and that they are supported emotionally and socially.


Fees for classes are normally the same as those for mainstream students. A wide range of extracurricular activities, including camps, are utilised within the program to support learning, extension and enrichment. Some of these are subsidised. Full details of anticipated program costs for parents are outlined in the Financial Information for Parents document.

Selective entry testing is conducted by the Department of Education. Note: Applications close a full 12 months in advance of the student's entry year.

Parents can find out how to apply for the program Here

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