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School Policies

Bring Your Own Device
Bring your own device: Download Here

Technologies Policy
Learning Technologies Policy & User Agreement: Download Here

Managing Bullying Policy
Download Here

Dress Code Policy
Download Here

Lower School Assessment Policy
Download Here

Senior School Assessment Policy
Download Here

House Point Application
Many students at Bunbury Senior High School are selected to represent their region, WA or Australia in various fields of endeavour, or they participate in significant competitions/events out of school. The school seeks to acknowledge these achievements within our House System through awarding of House Points. The specific categories are as follows:

NATIONAL REPRESENTATION/RECOGNITION - Representing Australia in an International Competition.

STATE REPRESENTATION/RECOGNITION - Representing Western Australia at a national level.

REGIONAL REPRESENTATION/RECOGNITION - Representing an organisation at a State competition.

OUT OF SCHOOL EVENT - Significant representation/participation in a non school organised competition/event.

In order to be awarded House Points, students can apply for recognition by completing and submitting this online form. Please attach evidence to support your application. Points gained by students, contribute to the totals of their respective House.

Business Plan

Click to download our 2017 - 2019 Business Plan Here

IPS Review

Download a copy of the IPS review Here

School Handbooks

Download School Information Booklet. Here

2020 School Handbooks
Senior School Handbook 2020. Download Here
Lower School Handbook 2020. Download Here

Admin Documents

    School Information Booklet (A Guide for Parents) Download Here

    2020 School Handbooks
    Subject Selection Online Instructions Download Here
    Contribution & Charges Handbook 2019 Download Here
    Lower School Handbook 2020. Download Here
    Senior School Handbook 2020. Download Here
    Lower School - 2019 Student Resource List Here or order on line (access key W6FK2F)
    Senior School - 2019 Student Resource List Here or order on line (access key W6FK2F)

    Smart Rider Application. Bunbury SHS uses SmartRider as its Student ID/Library Card system. Please click on link for further information on application process Here USI Application. Creating a Unique Student Identifier (USI) will only take a few minutes and it is free. You only need to create a USI once and it will stay with you for life. Create one Here

    Annual Report 2017 Download Here
    Annual Report 2016 Download Here
    Annual Report 2015 Download Here
    Annual Report 2014 Download Here

The Secondary Assistance Scheme is available to parents or independent secondary students who hold eligible concession cards. It comprises an Education Program Allowance which is paid to the school, and a Clothing Allowance that can be paid to the school or the parent.
How to Apply
Click on link below. These forms must be submitted by the end of Term 1. Parents need to provide proof of eligibility and a school officer needs to sign the form. This needs to be applied for in first term of each year that the parents are eligible. Secondary Assistance Application for 2019 can be downloaded here Here

Available to parents of secondary students if the parent is a holder of: Pensioner Concession Card; or Health Care Card (Family card only - not for a specific child for medical purposes). A student can apply only if they have been classified by Centrelink as an independent student and must produce documentation from Centrelink identifying them as living independently. Eligible parents who home school their children can also apply through their Regional Education Office. Parents of students in receipt of ABSTUDY through Centrelink are only eligible for the ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance.

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