Inspiring Self Belief Recognition Program

This program is designed to acknowledge exemplary student citizenship and academic achievement. There are several different recognition strategies within this program that are designed to recognise and celebrate student achievement.  

Citizenship Recognition Program
The Citizenship Assembly Award
At each Whole School Assembly, one student from each year cohort will be recognised for demonstrating exemplary citizenship within the classroom from the date of the previous assembly.  

Citizenship Club (Term Award)
The demonstration of exemplary citizenship throughout a term within the school and broader communities is recognised through membership within the Inspiring Self Belief Citizenship Club. Criteria:

  • Wearing of school uniform on a regular basis
  • Regular attendance: 95% and above
  • Prompt arrival to school
  • Exemplary behaviour
  • All students are eligible for this award from the beginning of each term.
Kingia Citizenship Award (Annual)
A student who achieves Citizenship Club status each term will automatically receive the Kingia Award at the final Year Meeting of the year. This is a significant achievement.  

"En Avant" Citizenship Award
One student from each cohort will be identified to win this prestigious annual award. Each winner will be presented with their certificate/award at the final Whole School Awards Assembly of the year.  

Academic Excellence Recognition Program
At the end of each semester, a Certificate of Academic Excellence and a celebratory pen will be awarded to the top students of the cohort ("A" grade average across their courses of study).  

Annual Learning Area Academic Excellence (subject award)
This award is presented to the student in each Learning Area who has achieved the most outstanding results during the year.

House Point Application
Many students at Bunbury Senior High School are selected to represent their region, WA or Australia in various fields of endeavour, or they participate in significant competitions/events out of school. The school seeks to acknowledge these achievements within our House System through awarding of House Points. The specific categories are as follows:

NATIONAL REPRESENTATION/RECOGNITION - Representing Australia in an International Competition.

STATE REPRESENTATION/RECOGNITION - Representing Western Australia at a national level.

REGIONAL REPRESENTATION/RECOGNITION - Representing an organisation at a State competition.

OUT OF SCHOOL EVENT - Significant representation/participation in a non school organised competition/event.

In order to be awarded House Points, students can apply for recognition by completing the Application Form Please attach evidence to support your application. Points gained by students, contribute to the totals of their respective House.

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