Personalised education:
We offer you personalised education through specialised programs, fun and challenging extra-curricular activities and many opportunities that will help you discover the possibilities of your potential.

We offer you an environment where you will be part of a team of great teachers, staff and students. You will make and enjoy friendships that can last you a lifetime.

We offer you a school culture that is supportive and inclusive. We are here, through learning, to nurture your confidence and self-esteem.

Natural Inspiration:
We offer you a stunning school with ocean views to refresh you throughout the day and inspire you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Lifelong Learning:
We offer you knowledge, qualifications and life skills that will form the foundation for lifelong learning and success - whatever success means to you.

Progressive learning:
We offer your child accomplished and passionate teachers who are continually upskilled in their fields of expertise.

Your child comes first:
We offer your child an inclusive and safe environment where they feel connected and valued. We are mindful to cater to the unique individuals that make up our student body.

We understand that you are part of our school community so we welcome you to collaborate with us throughout your child's high school journey. We share regular communications to keep you in touch with your child's progress, challenges and achievements.

We offer your child the freedom to choose their future by providing fun, challenging and diverse learning opportunities.

Supportive community:
We offer you the opportunity to belong to a team of professionals who are valued, respected and listened to. We not only support each other - we're also friends who have fun together.

Personal and professional development:
We have high standards, so we continually invest in you with opportunities for you to grow your knowledge, skills, leadership, effectiveness and confidence.

The opportunity to make a difference:
We understand that life is more than just work. So we offer you the ability to extend yourself and offer your gifts through our range of innovative programs and extracurricular activities.

Collaborative students:
You will enjoy sharing your knowledge with our good-humoured and warm country students.

Work-life balance:
We understand the stressors of the teaching cycle and we're conscious to provide skills and space to help you find balance.

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