We are an Independent Public School (IPS)

As such, the Bunbury Senior High School's board (the board) meets twice a term to guide the strategic direction of the school in line with the school's Delivery and Performance Agreement and Business Plan.

The Performance and Delivery Agreement describes in broad terms what the school is expected to provide to its students, staff and the community in exchange for the funding provided by the state government.

What does the Board do?
While the board doesn't run the school (this is the job of the Principal), it has an important role in the governance of the school.
This includes:
  • endorsing the Delivery and Performance Agreement
  • endorsing and reviewing the school budget and Business Plan each year
  • endorsing the annual fees and charges
  • regularly monitoring the budget and progress towards the Business Plan
  • processes to review school performance
  • processes to determine satisfaction levels of parents, staff and students, with results reported in the school's annual report
  • the process for selecting the principal.

The board is guided by Western Australia's School Education Act 1999 and regulations, specifically those relating to school councils.

Who is on the board?

The Bunbury Senior High School board draws its membership from parents, the local community, Year 11 students, staff and the Principal. The board meets regularlly throughout the year in the board room next to Student Services and dates are outlined in the school calendar. Meetings are generally open for others to attend and observe, unless confidential or sensitive matters are being discussed. Each year in Week 8 of Term 1 the board holds a public meeting that includes election of new members and the Board Chair.

School Board Members
Mike Sinagra - Principal
Todd Brown – Chair, School Board
Julie Russell Krebs – Staff Representative
Nghia Nguyen – Staff Representative
Adam McGill – Staff Representative
Yovina Seevathean - Student Representative
Renee Reid – Parent Representative
Paul Lever – Parent Representative
Julie Bain – Parent Representative
Glenn Gates – Parent Representative
Ross Millington – Parent Representative
Rebecca Gillmore – Parent Representative

School Board Parent Representatives - Nominations

Four positions have become available due to member's tenure expiring. We are calling for nominations. To Nominate please email your name and a short bio of suitability to be a board member to the principal by Monday 19 February 2024. Should more than four people nominate an election will be held.