Our Student Leadership Group

School Prefects
At the end of Term 3, Year 11 students are invited to nominate for a position as a School Prefect. Successful students represent the school community until the end of Term 3 in the following year. Appointment to this leadership group is a significant achievement.

Students selected for this leadership position are role models for their peers and will actively support the values of the school - Learning - Collaboration - Diversity - Courage - Wellbeing

House Leadership Program
Bunbury Senior High School is committed to developing student leaders capable of contributing to the school community.

A group of student leaders is identified within each House and become a Home Group. There are representatives from each year group. Typically, Year 12 School Prefects have been successful members of this student leadership program.

During Term 4, Leadership Home Groups are developed and commence from the beginning of the new school year.

Typically their duties include:

  • supporting the organisation of important school events eg athletics carnival, parent nights or any event requiring ushers or general helpers
  • promoting a positive school culture and tone by demonstrating exemplary citizenship
  • promoting and organising a variety of sporting, cultural and community events that contribute points to a House Competition. The winner of the House Competition will be announced at the end of each school year.
  • being involved with a range of ongoing leadership development activities

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